Some announcements to quickly make before getting to today’s workout:

**The results are in and we came in 3rd place for Sign-On San Diego’s “Best Alternative Studio” out of over 250 studios in San Diego County that entered!!

Bryan and I are very competitive individuals, so we definitely wanted to win.  However, when we started the process we were only a two month old toddler.  To make it that far and take home the bronze makes us incredibly grateful.  We want to say a HUGE ‘thank you’ to all of you who voted throughout the process. Some of you voted daily and we can’t thank you all enough.  Next year…that bastard is ours!

**If you have still not tried yoga, tonight is your chance at 6:30!  Sarah is an awesome instructor and we really want everyone to give it a try.  After implementing it to my plan I feel much more limber and problem spots are releasing.  Sign-up here. First one is free!

**Surf n’ Turf Stand-Up Paddle will fill up quickly before tomorrow!  Make sure you are registered if you want to partake in the fun core madness.  First one is free and it is for ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS.  If you are returning it’s just a $15 drop-in.

**Based on the awesome feedback we have received from you guys we are going to be implementing the following:

  • Brand new tracking system for each individual.
  • 12 pm class is coming back.
  • New meal plan options will be available

More details to come in next week’s newsletter but you guys are really going to like all of it.

Today’s workout is a strength-focused day where we’re working on one main goal:


We always put the RFG mandate on the board with exercises like deadlifts, squats, cleans, press, etc and today we are going with five reps across the board.

Strength is incredibly important for any fitness goal and also for daily functional life.  You carry groceries.  You move furniture.  You put creepy guys that hit on you in headlocks, etc.  If your goal is fat loss and toning then you ABSOLUTELY need to mixing in strength-focused training at least once every two weeks. Strength increase and fat decrease are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, training for strength actually gets fat off your body faster.

Let me explain.

Say your goal is to loose 8 pounds and you routinely perform 135 pound deadlifts as a male or say, 75 pound squats as a female.  If you do that every time we do ‘RFG’ days, then you will never increase.  You will plateau and your body will stop working so hard to burn fat.

But, on days like today if you re-start the engine and provide it a foreign stimulus (ie. adding 40 pounds to your exercises for fewer reps) then your body will pep up like Charlie Sheen in a Marriot and re-start the process.

By training strength, you get stronger.  That strength allows you to then lift more weight when training for fat loss, which in turn burns more calories which in turns get you leaner and more incredible looking.

So, get those hands dirty today and let’s build some strength.

Today’s Bay Boot Camp.



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