This week I wnat to share with you all the Paleo bread from the Julian Bakery in Bird Rock.

Some of you may have seen me snacking on it during the morning classes. It’s pretty much my go to thing on mornings when I work.

Heres a little bit about Julian Bakery Paleo Bread  that I like. Its made to fulfill the craving for bread while you are living a Primal/Paleo lifestyle free from processed foods. I also love that Paleo Bread utilizes the highest quality ingredients.  There are two different types of bread Almond and Coconut  Both breads low calorie, gluten free and grain free.  The Almond variety and the Coconut variety are equally tasty and both offer their own unique benefits, and they provide the protein and fiber your body needs to satisfy hunger while helping your body to perform at its peak. If it is your first time eating the bread I suggest the Coconut one and give it a good toasting, its not that yummy plain, and then I like to put grass fed butter on mine with some almond butter or raw honey!  I love The Paleo Bread and hope you do too!

Here are a few suggestions to try that don’t require giving up your favorite things:

French Toast
Eggs Benedict
Grilled Cheese

Give it a try and let us know what you like!



Ashley Randall is a trainer and nutrition coach at Performance360.  She is a graduate of San Diego State University, a certified personal trainer, and has competed in both women’s boxing and football leagues.  She has been helping others with training and diet for the last seven years.

She coaches Daily Challenges and Outdoor Challenges Monday through Saturday and is available for nutrition advice both before and after class, as well via email at