“Arrival of the Fittest”

Strategic Focus: Fat Loss + Fitness
Dates: January 9th – April 3rd (12-Weeks)
Investment: $199
Who is It For: 
All levels of P360 members

“Arrival of the Fittest” is back after a three year hiatus! This is a 12-week physical transformation focused program that combines in-gym points and 12-weeks of fat loss focused nutrition coaching. 

Nutrition Component: Each week, Coach Emily will give you a specific focus on what to do and how with the overall goal of losing fat and retaining (or growing) lean muscle. Nutrition coaching will be 100% online and and in a group format. This program is not intended for one-on-one coaching or in person coaching, nor will it provide meal plans.

Fitness Component: You will have the opportunity to push your physical abilities throughout the program by gaining points through physical achievements during each “Finals Week” for the first three cycles of the year.

How Do I Earn Points? 

  • 5 points per pound of fat lost.
  • 5 points per pound of muscle gained.
  • 1 point per NEW 2023 Achievement Club level during “Finals Weeks.” (i.e. Level 2 Back Squat = 2 points, Level 3 5’ KB Swing = 3 points)

Will There Be a Winner?
Yes! After the 12 weeks we will crown an “Arrival of the Fittest” champion. However, the purpose of this program is not to drive focus and attention on winning, but on pushing yourself to focus more on your nutrition and output in the gym in order to achieve physical results.

What is a Reasonable Expectation?
While this is a fat loss driven program, it is not a crash diet. Therefore, you should not expect extreme results. However, for those who commit, 90 days is a significant timeline to drop some unwanted pounds of body fat, while preserving (some of you may even grow) lean muscle.

From a fitness perspective, you should expect to see your strength and conditioning improve by committing more to the gym, focusing on some tangible outcomes provided for you in “Finals Week”, and by dialing in your nutrition.

Questions about the program? Email support@perform-360.com.


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