Arrival of the Fittest 2023: Results Submission (ATF)

  • Weekly Habit Goals (1 Point)

    Did you complete the goal for the week in each of our Habit Trackers? These habits have a strong correlation to losing body fat and are important factors in reaching your goals for this program. Your individual goal is located in your 12-week road map packet.
  • To reach each goal, you must hit 80% or better (6 of the 7 days this week) in each category.
  • Finals Week Club Entries

    Each finals week you'll have the opportunity to reach certain club levels to accrue points. Since strength training, lifting weights and performance metrics are heavily linked to losing body fat, it's an important aspect of both physical performance and physical appearance.

    Learn more about the clubs here:

  • Example: Box Jumps (Level 1)