6 weeks of personal focus on your physique, performance, and health within a motivating, community wide challenge. 

“Arrival of the Fittest” is free for all P360 members. If you are not a member, you must first join and then you may register for the 6-week challenge.




I’m not an elite athlete or super strong. Can I do this?

Not only can you do this, you are in fact the EXACT person for whom this is intended! This six week focus is open for everyone and is ultimately about your progress. From strongest person in the gym to most brand new member fresh off the couch. This is all about doing you in a motivating, like minded environment with the understanding that everything that we do in the gym is relative to your personal ability and scaled to your level.

What do the nutrition guides provide?

All plans are designed by certified nutrition coaches who have hands on experience getting results for people.

We will have a total of (3) nutrition guides for you to select from. Each will laser in on a single six week focus depending on your goal and experience with nutrition.

  • Level 1 Fat Loss – You will be provided with essential basic habit coaching, a list of foods to use, portion size coaching, and daily tracking sheets and logs for accountability.
  • Level 2 Fat Loss – We will help calculate  your specific caloric intake for a fat loss deficit, and how to reach and track it daily. You will also get everything included in the Level 1 Fat Loss guide.
  • Muscle Gain and Performance – We will help you calculate a specific caloric surplus for adding lean body mass, and strategies around daily lifestyle focused on growing.

Is the guide the same as the previous nutrition plans?

No. It is based on the same governing principles and will contain some of the same effective information, these plans are meant to provide you with a single nutrition focus for six weeks, rather than a progressive step-by-step holistic program.

Is this a competition?

Yes! A friendly, community one. While it is a friendly competition and will ultimately track a male and female winner, the real competition is against yourself and becoming a healthier version of you.

How do I earn progress points?

Simple. There are two categories to “Arrival of the Fittest”.

  1. Physique – (5) points for every pound of fat loss. (5) points for every pound of muscle gain. Both measured by the InBody scan.
  2. Performance – (5) points for every Personal Best. (5) points for every performance club that you make.

We will track a Physique winner, a Performance winner, and an Overall winner.

How will I keep track of my points?

This process will be incredibly easy. Every week, a master tracking link will live on the website and in your P360 app, easily accessible. Each week’s PSC workouts will have different challenges, lifts, and categories to earn points each day.

Physique: Every week, you’ll enter in your scan results into the link. No one in the gym will know your weight.

Performance: Using the same link as above, you’ll log every time you hit a Personal Best or make it into a club listing the coach who verified it.

We’ll update the ongoing point totals on a weekly basis. 

What qualifies as a Personal Best?

Every week, we will post the opportunities/categories for you to hit a Personal Best in the upcoming class workouts. There are a few rules so its not the Wild West.

  • Your coach must verify it.
  • You can only hit a Personal Best in something once over the course of the 6 weeks. For example, you can’t have a personal best in your 5R back squat twice in six weeks. However, you can if the rep count is different (ie. a 2R back squat and 5R back squat would both count). 
  • It must be offered in class that day.
  • You must have have proof of it in your app. If you don’t, you can set baseline tracking in your app during week one.
  • You may attend a weekend Open Gym and go for Personal Bests in anything that was offered in class workouts that week.  

Are there before and afters?

We will not be administering these, but we highly encourage you to take some. Having a visual can make a huge difference when assessing your progress at the end of the 6 weeks because sometimes modest progress on the InBody is much more telling in person than on the machine.

When do I get my InBody scans?

You will be assigned a Friday or Saturday time slot the weekend of 1/3 and 1/4. You’ll get your baseline and be taught how to use the machine. If you cannot make it, we will offer (2) follow up weekday slots you may attend. Once the six weeks start, you will scan every week on your own.

Do I need to save my scans?


Do I have a personal coach throughout this?

You will have access to our “Arrival of the Fittest” Facebook Page where Nutrition Coach Ashley will answer questions, as well as your fellow members who are in the same shoes.

We will offer a program upgrade for those who want more personal access to Thursday night, in person nutrition coaching.

We’re here to help.

What does this cost?

Nothing. We decided to make this free for all members so that anyone and everyone in our community can start the year off right. Look for enrollment to open the day after Christmas.