Struggling to find a gym that understands what you’re after?

The way we see it, there exist a few kind of people at the gym.

There is Type A.

Loud and proud. Thrives off of constant competition. Loves being around other alpha personalities and living the training mantra of “No pain, no gain”.

There is Type B.

Quiet. Often timid and hesitant. Applies consistent work ethic but often leaves results on the table out of insistence on going at it alone.

…A third option has been born.

The Type “P”.

The relentless approach of the Type A with the humble resolve of Type B.

We do not crave Alpha status like the Type A. Nor do we remain passiveĀ and let others pass us by like the Type B.

Reserved, yet lurking underneath the soft spoken demeanor is a silent killer. Is more motivated by personal development than the need for status above others.

Owners Dave (left) and Bryan (right) at our 1st Annual FireFighter Aid Fundraiser.

Owners Dave (left) and Bryan (right) at our 1st Annual FireFighter Aid Fundraiser.

Willing to push to the brink for self improvement, not outside validation.

Thrives in a community of folks working together to achieve more individually.

Humble personalities, yet relentlessly hard workers.

Welcoming of all shapes and sizes, yet ruthless in the effort to become strong and fit.

Soft spoken, yet insistent upon improvement.

Everyday men and women bored by the mundane, predictable experience of most gyms.

Where former athletes and 400# squatters encourage and stand together with newcomers and novices just starting their journey.


P360 Athletes Adam, Kyle and Matt at the Proving Grounds.

At Performance360, we promote our members. Not celebrities. Not endorsed athletes. Common people doing uncommon things.

…The Type Ps are growing. And we are coming.

If you struggle to find a place to call home, we invite you into ours.


  • Pacific Beach Location: 4515 Gresham Street 92109
    Crown Point Location: 2620 Ingraham Street 92109

Performance360 was founded in 2011. With two locations in Pacific Beach, P360 has three times been a finalist for Best Gym in San Diego.