April was an awesome month, guys.  We had a lot of people do some impressive things and a lot of newer faces stepped forward to make “the leap” into another level.  The decision on our April Members of the Month was a very tough one but ultimately, the winners stepped forward and gave great reason for the decision.

April’s winners are…

Pedro Franco Navarro!


Most notable March accomplishments: 

  • Lost 20 pounds of fat and counting!
  • 42″ Box Jump
  • 155# x 8 Push Press
  • April Attendance: 22/26


If you have ever worked out with, or most importantly had a conversation with Pedro then you know this decision was an easy one for us.  He constantly pushes himself, is always trying to increase his ability and never shorts a workout.  He asks questions, constantly seeks to better himself and is an example for every member of his class.

He has shed 20 pounds off of his body and improved all aspects of his performance.  He started out as a true beginner, has thrown up during workouts and now finishes workouts right alongside everyone else.  Even after the toughest workouts he is happy, smiling and congratulating everyone on a job well done.

Pedro embodies what we attempt to teach, that it’s not about the person next to you, it’s about improving you.  He is living proof that you can walk in with any level of fitness and do great things for yourself.

Get to Know Pedro
How Old Are You and Where Are You From?  
I’m 26 years old born and raised in Mexicali Mexico.
What Do You Do For Work?  
My life right now is dedicated to grad school in the mechanical engineering department at UCSD.
What’s Your Favorite and Least Favorite P360 Exercises?  
Deadlifts rock but sometimes my shins beg to differ!  I hate burpees with a passion.
What do you like most about P360?  
The people.  Not just the coaching team which is the most amazing I have ever seen, but also the members who are incredibly friendly and funny.  I’ve loved getting to know everyone.
What would current Pedro say to pre P360 Pedro?
“Pedro, don’t be a whimp!  Stop saying you don’t have time to exercise and GO for it, you need it buddy.
Most proud achievement in the gym?  
Although I am so much stronger my weight loss would have to take the prize.  This is the first time I have been under 200 pounds in a couple of years!!
What have you learned most since training here?   
A phrase that became stuck in my head from the very first day: “Understand food as fuel but enjoy your life”.  This has helped me so much to keep myself on track while not getting crazy about having a beer.  Life is all about enjoying the path to success.
Embarrassing fact most people don’t know? 
I played Pokemon until I was 16…(Gotta catch ’em all, right?!)
Hidden talent most people don’t know?  
I am amazing at baking (Paleo recipes still not my hit, though).


Hobbies Outside of the Gym
Brewing my own beer at home.  Most of my budget goes towards increasing my kitchen and brewing equipment.


Favorite cheat meal?  
This is the hardest question but given that we are in San Diego I’ll have to go with the Fisherman’s Torta from Oscar’s in PB.  Delicious mexican seafood.  You cannot ask for anything better!
Famous Figure With Which You’d Most Like to Have a Beer?
Michael Jordan.  He was my childhood idol and I still think he is the greatest.  I’d love to hear about his path to success.


If You Could Travel to Any Point in Time, Where Would You Go?
When Tesla created the alternating current.  That is, for me, one of the biggest turns in modern history (boring, I know!)


Last Words?
This is such a great honor.  I’m incredibly excited about this and busting my ass has really paid off.   My goals are to lose an additional 20-30 pounds, get the 43″ box jump and get into the first level of the barbell club.  I also want to do a triathlon before I turn 30.


Julie Gamby

Most notable March accomplishments: 

  • 95# Push Press x 2
  • 190# Deadlift
  • 8 strict pull-ups in a row
  • March Attendance: 22/26


Every now and then you talk with a new member and you can tell right away they are going to have a lot of success with their efforts.

Julie Gamby is one of these people.

Julie started with us in October as a complete beginner and has been a staple of the morning classes ever since.  Along with Pedro, she pushes herself each and every class, hops in there with the most capable women to push herself and is always happy for both herself and members.  Her reaction when her partners have success is as genuine as it is consistent.

Julie set a goal for herself to do a single pull-up a few months ago not fully believing if she could ever do one.

Today, we are proud to say that she can do eight in a row which ties her for the current member record at the gym!

Showing off that P360 body with husband, Jeff.

Showing off that P360 body with husband, Jeff.

How Old Are You, Where Are You From and What Do You Do For Work?  
I’m 28, from Guadalajara, Mexico and am a Concierge at the Paradise Point Resort.
What’s Your Favorite and Least Favorite P360 Exercises?  
I LOVE pull-ups!  My least favorite would definitely be box jumps and planks.
What do you like most about P360?  
Most importantly the workouts are phenomenal.  The coaches and the people who form the P360 community! I’ve never been part of such an awesome community were people genuinely care about you, your goals, and life outside the gym. They push and help you be better, faster and stronger. I love it!
What would current Julie say to pre-P360 Julie?
“Ha!  See!  I told you not to be intimidated by everyone.  Now you love working out with them dontcha :)” 


Most proud achievement in the gym?  
Level 2 of Prison Yard Club (doing 8 strict pull-ups).  I’m crushing my goals for 2013 so far!
What have you learned most since training here?   
To never believe anything fear says.  She is an ugly, lying bitch.
Embarrassing fact most people don’t know? 
I walked around work for a half day with my clothes on inside out.
Hidden talent most people don’t know?  
I’m an excellent impersonator!
What Are Your Hobbies Outside of the Gym?
Biking, dancing, giving back and helping others.


Favorite cheat meal?  
Brownies and ice cream.
Famous Figure With Which You’d Most Like to Have a Drink?
Former Defensive Back of the San Diego Chargers, Pastor Miles McPherson


If You Could Travel Back to Any Point in Time?
The very beginning.


Last Words?
You guys seriously have no idea what this means to me.  This is such an honor!  I’m blown away and forever grateful for all that guys have done for me.  I’m crying I’m so happy!


Congratulations to Julie and Pedro!  I would say Mexico was well represented this month!


These are two of the most genuinely nice people you will ever have a conversation with, so please do their efforts justice and congratulate them the next time you see them in the gym.  We are very, very proud of both of them.