Good morning, P360’ers.  We hope you guys had a great holiday with your friends or family and that everyone traveled safely to and from their destination.

We have some very important announcements so please read everything below.

Win a TV or Tablet!

We received a lot of feedback from you guys in December that you’d rather we run this promotion in January when your friends were more likely to join, so we complied.

This means we are EXTENDING the first month at $69 for all of January.

Further, we’re adding a few treats to the mix because well, we want this month to be big :)

Interested in winning a 32″ LCD TV?  A Galaxy tablet?  Or Apple TV?


How about unlocking access to $99 Unlimited for six months?



A HUGE referral contest is kicking off today that runs the entire month of January and we are loading up both the prices and the easy incentive for you to bring your friends, co-workers, strangers, family, and homeless guy on your corner to join.

Here are the details…


  • STEP 1:  Get your friends to join.

  • STEP 2: After they join, we unlock the option for you to access $99 UNLIMITED for 6 months OR, you can receive the usual half off your next month if you don’t want to commit for six months (your choice).


  • STEP 3: You receive one point towards the Grand Prize for each new member referral.

1st Place (Most Referrals): 32″ LCD TV or Samsung Galaxy Tablet!!

(Minimum 3 referrals)

2nd Place: Apple TV!!

(Minimum 2 referrals) 

We’ll continue to be the only gym around that runs these generous promotions if you guys step up with the generous referrals.

Let us know if you have any questions.

How to Register for the Free Trial

As a reminder, we no longer allow new faces without prior registration online.  Please have them sign-up via the start here button.

Once again, we are no longer accepting unannounced drop-ins!

Goals Board & Collaboration 

Over the next few days we will be painting a full goals board by the water fountain, similar to the whiteboard that holds the clubs and records.  On this board, you’ll be encouraged to write your goals and the timeline to reach them.  While you can certainly adjust the timeline, it’s way to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself daily.  A constant visual can be a very powerful thing.

Additionally, all coaches are available for discussion either before, during or after class, or via email on how to best reach your goals.  If you’ve set specific goals for yourself it’s recommended you seek our help in the most efficient way possible.

4 Stages of Goal Setting

Here is a helpful post from on how to project and expect your goals to come to fruition.

4 Stages of Goal Setting and Development

Boot Camp in Winter Hibernation

Outdoor Challenges are going into Winter hibernation until March 11.   After Daylights Savings, we’ll be back full force with an expanded lineup of equipment.

Have a happy and fun New Year’s Eve!