Aerobic Bodybuilding 101

We’ve always had elements of physique focus in our programming, that was the very first thing that differentiated us back in 2011 and was at the time considered a sin in functional fitness. You’re training biceps?! GASP. Those who loved to tell us we were “ripping off CrossFit” yet simultaneously making fun of our training for including elements CrossFit didn’t. Makes sense. Wait, what? What was I talking about? Ah, bodybuilding. Yes I generally dislike to use the term ‘bodybuilding’ because at times it can turn a lot of people off because most have the image of the muscle bound physique competitor in the thin tank with with the terrible tan. But at its core, bodybuilding is simply building muscle and that concept is very important.

So let’s call physique and muscle focus days what they are for a second: bodybuilding.

Many see a format like today and think it’s conditioning because it has a 35 minute time domain and let me just tell you that would be a stupid notion to carry with you. The reality is that day’s like today are entirely about building muscle, improving our physique, and building up our engine. The key is your pacing, it shouldn’t be an aimless wander around the gym looking down at the pump you’re getting nor should it be a frantic hustle to the next movement. Split the difference, and that is today.

Aerobic bodybuilding.

If you’re familiar with Marcus Filly’s work, he so eloquently dubbed that term and I think it’s quite effective at conveying what we’re chasing. The fact that we want to move swiftly from one movement to the next will keep our heartrate at a level that qualifies as a moderate aerobic effort, but the time under tension and set-to-set volume of the movements produce are designed to physiologically produce one output.

Muscle growth (hypertrophy).

Own it. Build it. Use it.


Thursday, 2.11.21


For 35 Minutes:
6 Ring Dips @ 20×1
10 DB Hip Thrusts
15”/sd Star Plank
10 DB Z Press
100m SA KB Farmer Walk


For 35 Minutes:
8 CG Bridge Press
10 DB Glute Bridges
15″/sd Star Plank
10 DB Z Press
100m SA KB Farmer Walk