Level 2 Coach


Abby is a naturally gifted leader who comes to the staff as a highly accomplished endurance athlete. With multiple Boston Marathons and medals across different race modalities, Abby is used to heavy workloads and commitment. She brings that to her coaching style both in classes, and in her Race Prep course.


How old are you and where are you from?
I’m 27, Stevens Point, WI

How long have you lived in San Diego and what brought you here?
I moved to San Diego in August, 2015. I relocated after graduating from the University of Minnesota and needing an escape from the cold!

When did you start coaching at the gym?
I started coaching at P360 in July of 2018 as an assistant coach and transitioned to L1 Coach in September of 2018.

What do you hope to accomplish with someone when coaching?
As an endurance athlete, my main goal is to help bridge the gap between the two communities. A person does not have to choose to be successful in the gym or on the road. In reality, the two are perfect pairs and when done correctly can produce incredible results and avoid injury.

Describe your own personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition?
Have a goal. Whether that goal is to do a single pull up, PR a deadlift, or complete an ultra marathon without a goal a person wanders aimlessly and the ability to see progress and create physical and personal connections in the gym is almost impossible.

Learn to listen to your body. I’s pretty incredible the signs it shows when it comes to both training and nutrition. I’ve bounced back and forth from calorie counting and number based training (both times on my watch and weight numbers in the gym) to an effort based training cycle. I think there is a time and place for both,  but ultimately everyone’s body is set up to provide signals. Learning to be able to tap into that second gear without having to glance at a watch or following an intuitive eating mindset can go along way to avoid burnout and seeing continued progress over a long period of time.

Are there any personal results or transformations you’ve achieved through fitness that you’d like to share?
Since joining the gym and implementing a strength component into my running training cycles, I saw a 30+ min PR to my marathon. I was hooked as soon as I saw how the coaching and fitness in the gym translated to my success outside of it.

Where are you going locally to destroy food, and what are you ordering?
Tajima Ramen. Lunch, dinner, or after bar, 90 degrees in August, or 40 degrees in December. Spicy Ramen.

Professional Education:

  • P360 Fully Certified Coach, Level 2
  • International Sports Science Association, GFC
  • Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA), Level 1 
  • BecomeMore Coach Academy, 2018

Athletic/Competition Experience:

  • College Soccer, Cleveland State University
  • Triathlon Club, University of Minnesota
  • 2x Boston Marathon Qualifier (3:27 PR)
  • 1st Place, Lake Havasu 70.3 Triathlon
  • 1st Place, Wasau Half Marathon
  • 2nd Place, Canyon City Marathon