We just threw up a facebook post about the results for ‘Beat the Soft’ through the first three weeks and we’ll reiterate here.

  • Average strength increase for men = 19%
  • Average strength increase for women = 41% (think about that)
  • Average fat loss for women = 4 pounds


That’s a loss of four pounds and a strength increase of 41% despite mass being removed from frames.

How is this working?

We are removing wasteful mass and keeping lean body mass.  LBM is responsible for everything healthy in our bodies (strength, metabolism, cell reproduction and good old fashioned vein appearance).

It’s simple.

Lift Heavy Weight Slowly + Body Weight Movement Weight Quickly =

Fat Down + Strength Up


(Think heavy deadlift into jogs or heavy squats into pushups, etc).

We are targeting our TypeII fibers in this type of training.  TypeII are the ‘go’ muscles that get it done and keep you lean.

It’s the ability to knock out consecutive pull-ups after the demands of something like a deadlift or squat that changes both our bodies’ composition and physical capability.

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