A Breakdown of a P360 Training Week

We have six four-week cycles that rotate throughout the calendar year, with the workouts within those cycles updated each time they come around. However, no matter what training cycle we are on the weekly breakdown is always as follows:

Monday & Wednesday: STRENGTH

These workouts are focused around a barbell and include a two-tier workout. The first tier is a lower intensity portion dedicated towards a featured lift, like a Back Squat. There will also be a secondary movement so that you perform the first tier in a superset, often for five sets.

After, the workout will feature a 20 minute conditioning portion performed at challenging weights, to keep a strength focus and bias.

Tuesday & Thursday: CONDITIONING

Our CONDITIONING days are higher intensity workouts performed at moderate (not light) loads. They follow one of three guidelines and program design structures.

  • Anaerobic, 30″ – 3′: Short, peak intensity work sets followed usually by a prescribed amount of recovery.
  • Hybrid, 5′ – 10′: Moderate duration, performed at high intensity.
  • Aerobic, 25’+: Longer duration, performed at moderate intensity

Friday: BUILD

Our BUILD days are about one thing and one thing only: building athletic muscle. Rep schemes focus on higher rep output, typically eight and above to target more of a hypertrophy outcome and less of a strength one. These workouts are performed at more of a steady, moderate pace to allow plenty of recovery between movements and sets. We are far less concerned with intensity, in fact, we specifically throttle back on it to ensure you don’t mistakenly turn it into a conditioning workout.

This weekly breakdown allows us to provide you with clear intent so that you know exactly what you can expect. We’re very outspoken that if you attend another gym, ask them to define their program design. Ask your studio or treadmill based workout to tell you how they plan to progress you month over month, year over year. Ask them what a Splat Point is.

When you know what to expect with your fitness, you’re able to see a clear path to your results. Random program design leads to random results.