Better Core Work: Plank Pull Through

Our members know that we prefer to train the core in a station of anti-rotation, not flexion. We talk all about that in our article about a better way to train the core, but the short of it is this.

The core is best trained preventing movement, not creating it, meaning movements like crunches and sit-ups that put us in repeat spinal flexion can have negative consequences over time IF it is all that we do. As Dr. Stuart McGill likes to say, our spine only has so many flexion bends in it.

Plus, training the superficial Rectus Abdominus muscles are not going to do a lot for us when it comes to stability and anti-movement of the spine.

The better alternatives for training the core are movements where our core is in an isometric position, resisting extension, rotation and flexion. By doing so, it creates a level of stiffness that helps to keep us safe when we’re under heavy load.

A few points of performance:

  1. Go LIGHT. I am using a 10# dumbbell here and it is plenty. Any heavier, and we elevate the hips and defeat the entire purpose of the movement.
  2. Keep the hips flat and square to the floor at all costs. 
  3. Go wider with your feet if you are a beginner, closer if you are advanced.

Supplement this once per week in your training and you’ll see your anterior core become stronger, your low back healthier, and your performance increase.

Dave Thomas Performance360 Coach Trainer-Dave Thomas