Episode 9 – Mailbag: Booze, Max Percentages, De-Loading, Intensity & More

This week on the Performance360 Podcast, Coach Dave, Coach Pritz, Coach Lenny & Coach Julianne all sit down to answer questions submitted by the P360 Podcast listener community. A broad range of topics from training to nutrition.

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From Shanen Cox: “How to build to a pr in open gym? For example, if I want to attempt a 250# deadlift, do I just do 2 reps of the movement and keep adding weight until I max out?”

From Marisa Elbers: “If we’re lifting every week during the monthly cycles, when is a good time to deload?”

From Jonah Mullholland: “What is the best way to bulk without adding too much fat?”

From Justin Hancy, Anthony Germain, Dan Dunn and others: “What’s better? 4 days on 3 days off in a row… Or 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off? Basically, is it better to break up your off days somewhat evenly or binge your breaks like Netflix?” Lots of questions on frequency.

From Shannon Gearing: “If you have mobility issues and are making it a goal to get better at that, what should be the minimum days per week you should be doing some mobility work?”

From Deana Cimalore: “Curious about nutrition and performance in regards to when is best to eat what exactly (protein/fat/carbs) when it comes to fat loss, muscle gains and maintenance.”

From Dan Dunn: “I just took a 3 month hiatus from the gym…UGH!!! How should I go about establishing new baselines/one rep maxes? Open gym? How many PR movements should I work on during one open gym session?”

From Maria Castagnola: “What is the ‘sweet spot’ for running & lifting to accomplish cardio goals and lift goals? I want to train for a half marathon but don’t want my progress with weights in the gym to suffer.”

From Anthony Germain: “How does alcohol affect performance?”

From Marisa Elbers: “There’s an advanced tier 2- how does that differ from the middle of the board and what are the benefits of doing the timed challenge. How many times a week/month is good to do the timed challenge?”

From Mike Yebba:  “One of my goals for 2017 is to make L1 Barbell. What is the best way to approach this since we only lift heavy once a week in both the deadlift and jerk? Is that enough or should I supplement these movements on my own?”

From Nicole Chenelle: “How can I train through a chronic previous injury and still make good progress?”

From Kevin McCauley: “When is a good time to wear gear when lifting? Wraps, supports, belts, etc”

From Anna Kremen: “What is the difference in benefit between power and full cleans and snatches?”