9 Foundational Barbell Movements

The barbell serves as the anchor to our program. For that anchor, we periodize and regularly use the following 9 functional movements as @performance360 program’s foundation.

⚓️ Push Press
⚓️ Row
⚓️ Deadlift
⚓️ Clean
⚓️ Front Squat
⚓️ Back Squat
⚓️ Bench Press
⚓️ Lunge
⚓️ Step Up

What do all of them have in common?

⚡️Compound movements – for peak efficiency and effectiveness.

⚡️”Simple, Not Easy.” – Everyday men and women can learn them quickly and get benefit on day one.

⚡️Infinitely Scaleable – You simply cannot outgrow the benefits of these movements.

What is absent from this list?

❌ Clean and Jerk

❌ Snatch

Years ago, we concluded that pursuing the far reaching ranges of technical complexity moved us too close to hobby specialization and too far away from effective, general fitness.

It is impossible to show up for a week at Performance360 and not be exposed to at least four of the movements on foundational list. For this reason, you’ll find that just showing up will lead to your accidental stumbling into noticeable strength and physique progress.