Everyday, more women are embracing strength training and the benefits that getting stronger has towards their aesthetic goals, while less women are holding onto their fear of muscle.

Strength is empowering.

But perhaps you’re among those who still question, “Will weights make me bulky?”

It’s still the overwhelming, number one question we receive and reason we get why women are hesitant to pick up a barbell.

While we will absolutely explain the physiological reasons that make natural “bulking” extraordinarily unlikely for women, what we’d prefer to see rather than fear improbable outcomes, are women who are informed and are excited about the benefits that getting strong will have on your physique and overall health.

As we’ll explain here today, the scientifically proven reality is that the benefits of strength training for women are vast.

It is much more effective at shaping the physique than running, spin or yogaIt will improve your body’s ability to use carbs, will boost your metabolism and increase how many calories you burn, support a healthy libido, elevate your mood, and help cure the gym boredom rat race.

So, if you’re an average woman who has struggled to reach your goals and always wondered about the benefits of strength, this article will be for you.

Here are the nine major benefits for you to get liftin’.

1. It Helps You Be More Capable

We love seeing the development of strong women, inside the gym and out, and nothing creates stronger, more confident lives than the foundation of physical strength.

Improving physical strength has carry over in ways other forms of exercise simply do not.

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You assert yourself more confidently.

You take more charge of your career.

You are a more confident partner in your relationships.

Your self-reliance and independence increases.

Your health improves and it makes you feel better in all other areas.


Women who embrace strength training seem to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Plus, haul bags of groceries, lower your own carry on bag and lift more than the those who are trying to hit on you in the bar.

Downside: Be ready to raise your standard of dating partners.

2. Opportunity to Inspire

Whether it be embracing functional muscle or physical feats of strength, the opportunity to go against the grain and be an inspiration to other women to change their thinking is what it’s all about.

Getting more women off the cardio machines and thinking they need to shrink, and more into a squat rack with the mindset of building.

While the strength movement is gaining momentum each year, we still live in a society that favors weakness over strength, and the more strong women we have the better.

Plus, it’s just damn fun to showcase your strength and hard work.

3. Better for Physique Building Than Running

“But I’ve lost weight with running.”

No doubt. This isn’t a bash running article, as most everyone needs cardio in some form.

Running can certainly shed a little bit of weight, especially for untrained folks at the onset of a program.

However, it will do literally nothing to build your physique since it has no muscle developing component, and your weight loss experience often quickly plateaus.

Think about this like a person who drinks for the first time. All it takes is a one shot to get drunk at first, but over time, a tolerance is built up and they develop more and more of a resistance to the stimulus.

1468620655277Skye quit running due to stress fractures to begin focusing on barbells. Over two years, she added 13 pounds of healthy muscle.

Further, the weight loss may occur in a way that will worsen your body composition by stripping you of your precious muscle.

When in an aerobic state such as running, our body has the option to pull fuel from glycogen, fat and if it gets desperate, muscle. A lot of times people think they’ve lost fat running, but when it comes to getting analysis performed it’s often precious muscle tissue.

A real life example of this is the body analysis performed on P360 member Ashley after weeks of long distance running in preparation for a half marathon.

After the six weeks, Ashley’s analysis scan showed no fat loss, maintaining the exact same body fat as before she started. Worse yet, she showed a 1% decrease of her lean muscle mass.

No fat burning. Muscle stripped away. Cardio fail. (And also why the scale sucks and can be misleading.)


No one is suggesting that you ditch all of your cardio and suddenly become a full-time power lifter. We’re not saying that running is bad and never to do it, just that it shouldn’t be your foundation if you have physique goals.

The better choice for cardio is high intensity interval training.

4. Boost Your Metabolism to Burn More Calories

So, why is traditional cardio bad for the make up of our lean body mass and metabolism?

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of calories your body burns at rest, daily. It is suggested that the more lean body mass you have, the higher your BMR and greater caloric expenditure you have on a daily basis.

For example, a 135 pound woman comprised of 25% body fat will likely have a slower metabolism and burn less calories than a 135 pound woman with 21% body fat.