8 Ways to Stay Healthy, Fit, and Strong at Home During Quarantine

Believe it or not, and I swear to you this isn’t some sort of positive spin on a crappy situation, but this stay at home order is actually an ideal setting to take full control over your health, diet, and fitness. Why? Because you literally don’t have a single social distraction.

Last week, I felt a little sorry myself and I was quite liberal in my food intake. Brownies at 11 am? Sure. Milk stout at 4 pm while reviewing financials? Why not. While I did perform four of the five Grassroots workouts last week, I did so with a woe is us attitude. This week I woke up with an attitude of acceptance, commitment, and a mind frame of getting to work in a much more focused manner.

I’d like to offer you some things that I will be focused on during the shelter-in-place order. Feel free to pick one or two or join me in the whole list.

1. 10,000 steps a day. This is my primary goal. Yes, above even religiously following the workouts that I am personally writing. But then again, this is my primary goal even when classes are running. You would be shocked to find out what this can do for your mental and physical health. Need to get clarity on something I am thinking about? I walk. Not only is it a great way to prevent weight gain, I would argue it’s a critical aspect of managing this quarantine from a mental perspective. Get your steps in, folks.

2.  Work out. There are going to be two types of people. Those who use this as an excuse to do nothing, and those who don’t. I don’t mean to sound like Johnny Hardo, but there is still plenty you can do to maintain your fitness and get some progress going. Move hard for 20-30 minutes. Follow the programming. Your fitness and strength won’t just evaporate into thin air if you work at maintaining it..

3. Get plenty of protein. I know that groceries are not ideal at the moment, but if you can get 0.75 to 1 gram of protein per body weight right now, you will preserve your muscle mass for much longer than you think. Ashley will be routinely posting some great nutrition tips on this matter so stay active in the classroom. Here’s her kick off video in case you missed it.

4. Drink water. You know what’s right next to you all day? Your sink. You should be able to double if not triple your usual intake if you routinely find yourself on the low end. Aside from the benefits to our immune system during this time, water facilitates fat loss, promotes satiety, and supports an overall lean physique.

5. Stretch. I HATE stretching. I would rather watch Birdman in German that stretch for 30 minutes consecutively. But you know what I have much more of right now? Time. There isn’t a better time than the present for me to address my chronically tight areas like my calves, hip flexors, and glutes. No excuse.

6. Adapt. I don’t particularly enjoy running. I don’t despise it like many, but it’s not my favorite. However, I’ve decided to make it a goal of mine to bring back a high level of aerobic endurance for myself right now. Why? Because it’s what I have to work with. I am not going to bitch and moan about not being able to properly lift because I can’t, and that mindset serves me no good. So I am going to adapt to what I can do and find some goals I can crush. For those of you who have wanted to get better at push-ups…what you waitin’ for?

7. Get creative. Do 10 pushups and 10 squats every hour on the hour, make a full day EHOH. In fact, I just started that. Dibs, industry. #EHOH. Walk around the block. Shoot for goals like 200 push-ups a day, 500 squats, 10 minutes of total planking. Break it up and make it fun so that you’re not just moving for a set workout, but throughout the entire day.

8. Find an accountability partner. Find a buddy at the gym and hold each other accountable. Text one another, do the workouts “together”. Before quarantine rules, my wife Anna and I did the workouts with Pritz and Ashley every other day in our garage. Now, we’re switching to isolation but we’re still going to try and do them “together” at 12:45 during Anna’s lunch breaks as often as we can. It’s the little things that help you re-discover the normalcy of routine. Wanna join us?

We’ve started to see little FaceTime groups form from usual class times and that’s what this is all about. Let’s see more of that! Hop onto the classroom message board, make friends, get a workout buddy.

Those are my eight. How about you? What are yours?