6wk Muscle Focus

Physique focused nutrition for men and women who want to add muscle.

6wk Muscle Focus: 3/15 – 4/30

Certified Nutrition Coach Ashley Pritz will take clients through habits centered around the addition of muscle to one’s physique. Intended for both men and women, Ashley will provide coaching and accountability to types of client.

  • Level 1 – Those who aren’t ready for or don’t need specific calorie or macro prescription.
  • Level 2 – Those who would benefit from precise tracking and calculations.

All clients will receive the following:

  • A primary body scan to set a baseline + ongoing weekly scan access to track success.
  • Access to our P360 Slack app, where Coach Ashley will provide weekly assignments and lead group discussions.
  • Personal, direct messaging every week to address your individual needs and hold you accountable.

What is not provided?

  • Meal plans or Jenny Craig style of, “Here’s what to eat.” You will be coached, not hand held.
  • Intense personal coaching with Coach Ashley. If you feel you need daily accountability or have special needs, you are a better candidate for Individual Nutrition Coaching for which we’d love to help.


Become More Nutrition Muscle and Performance

The Muscle and Performance guide is for those who want to exclusively focus on gaining muscle and boosting their performance. It offers both a Level 1 (habits) and Level 2 (prescriptions) approach in an all-inclusive delivery.

This plan is for me if:

* I want to add functional muscle as my primary goal.

* I am ready to eat more than I am likely used to.

* I want to see performance improvements in the gym. 


Symphony S.
-7% body fat

Nick L.
-4.4% body fat
+10 pounds muscle

Meg Y.
-4% body fat 

Shelby S.
-5.5% body fat
+8 pounds muscle

Andrew K.
-3.8% body fat