Get your game faces on…

As we near the madness that is the Thanksgiving and Christmas season we want to prep you guys on the 6-Week Open that we are running at P360 from November 21st through December 31st, and alert you of the new Grand Prize of $300 cash!

Now who couldn’t use 300 bucks around the holidays?

Registration starts now and ends this Sunday.


Beat the Soft is going to have three categories, each with a female and male division and the categories are are as follows.

  • TOTAL FAT LOSS (measure by pounds)


  • PERCENTAGE FAT LOSS (measured by pounds lost divided by body weight)


  • PERCENTAGE STRENGTH INCREASE (measured by adding percentage increase in deadlift, squat and push press)


We are taking participants from now through the end of this week so get INVOLVED!

If you are self-concious, then I encourage you to let that go once and for all.  If you are still feeling weird about your results in front of this gym’s ownership and members then you need to get over it and embrace the communal aspect of this challenge.

We are all working together towards bettering ourselves so let’s see as many participants as possible.  Hell, I’ll even be competing in this!

We have the sign-up on the board so next time you come in you can register for any/all of the categories.


  • Weigh-Ins: For those participating in the weight loss categories, all weigh ins will be done at the same time of day throughout your participation.  We will not be sharing your weight with anybody, only total pounds lost.  If you want to weigh in the morning, that is fine.  As is evening or afternoon so long as it is consistent.  We will be weighing in Wednesday or Thursday of week.


  • Testing Days: For those participating in the strength category, we will be testing the three main exercises (deadlift and push press) approximately one every two weeks and on the first week of the competition.  All measurements are going to record your 3-rep max.  I also know what every single person in this gym has lifted on each week so no sandbaggin’ it.



We have changed up the scoring system to encourage more of you to enter and so that the winner gets hooked up.  We are going to have a Grand Prize Raffle of $300 cash to the winner and here’s how you gain entries.


  • Male and Female, 1st Place = 15 entries (20 for the overall category winner)
  • Male and Female, 2nd Place = 5 entries
  • Male and Female, 3rd Place = 4 entries
  • Male and Female, 4th Place = 3 points
  • Male and Female, 5th Place = 2 points


So, let me know if you guys have any questions and let’s see that board fill up with people refusing to be soft this holiday season.


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