$10 Holds Fee

There is a $10 holds fee for all membership pauses. 

30-Day Cancellation Policy

There is a 30 day notice requirement for all cancellations.

How to Update Your Membership

**If you are on a founders membership at any of our new locations, please email us at support@perform-360.com to make changes to your plan.

To change your membership, open your P360 app and follow these quick instructions:

Step 1: Click the Gear Settings icon in your app
Step 2: Click “Change My Plan”
Step 3: Choose a new membership

–If you are on a 3 or 6-month minimum plan: you must choose between the 3/6-month options. If you don’t, we will automatically switch it for you.

–If you are in your first month: the change will happen for month 2+.

–If you are past your first month: your membership change is immediate, meaning your new plan will take effect in your account upon submitting the change. However, since you’ve already been billed for the current month, any changes in price will be reflected on your next billing cycle based on the prorated amount of how many days you’ve used during your current cycle.