4 Legit Training Principles

(That we just so happen to deploy at P360)

The continuous and ongoing increase in total workload of a training session will drive the further development strength, performance, and lean muscle increases. In other words, continue to increase your weights and your effort.

⚡️How We Do This: Weekly rep progressions

S.A.I.D Principle
Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands states that if you want to get better at something then you must do it consistently for a structured period of time. In other words, random training is not as effective.

⚡️How We Do This: 4-Week Cycles

Is the amount of time your muscles are contracting in a given set, and the more TUT you place your muscles under, the greater adaptations you will see. In other words, move with intent at a weight that challenges you.

⚡️How We Do This: Encourage intent not speed

Planned and deliberate recovery phases of training where you still push yourself, but limit the stress on your body so that it can return to homeostasis and continue to improve. In other words, backing off of your consistent high effort every 6 months for a few weeks.

⚡️How We Do This: (2) De-Load cycles per year

These four make up the backbone of any legitimate training program. If they’re missing, it’s just someone spewing a bunch of marketing crap at you.