Good morning P360 faithful!  Hope you guys had a great weekend and are as excited about the end of summer as we are.  Soon, we get our parking lot back, kids will be gone, tourists no longer taking up the road with segways and we’ll be on our own private island again.  Way to make it through the dog days with us in tact and sane!

We have some mega announcements so let’s get right into it.

30 Day Transformation Challenge

We are very excited to announce the P360 30 Day Transformation Challenge coming mid-September.  We are still finalizing all of the logistics but here is what you can expect.

  • There will be two categories: total weight loss & percentage strength gain.  You can enter one or both.
  • We will take base measurements on day 1 and conclude it after day 30.
  • You will be provided a thorough meal plan and nutritional guidelines if you are a participant.
  • This challenge will be free to members.
  • It will begin around mid to end of September.
  • It will cost just $39 for non-members to join the challenge.  

We want as many people to embrace it as possible and focus up for 30 days.  Just four weeks of focus and dedicating yourself to get the best results possible in a consolidated window.  Pick your goal and attack it.  Here are our gym-wide goals:

  1. 300 Pounds of Membership Fat Loss
  2. 15% Increase in Membership Strength

Full details, registration page and instructions to follow.  Let’s make it happen.

1-for-1 Referral Challenge

A huge thank you to everyone for participating in this season long challenge.  While we have not hit the aggressive goal we set for ourselves but we’ve still added some great new faces who’ve been excellent additions to the P360 family, as well as traded many 50% off memberships for you guys in the process.

The contest will officially be ending September 21 once Summer officially comes to a close.  We will be announcing some quick contests every few days on the Facebook page so let’s keep ’em coming for just a few more weeks, and continue to take advantage of the 50% off when you bring in a new member.

Official P360 Nutrition Guide

Ink has officially been put to paper!  This has been a huge project of ours for a while now and we are excited to announce it’s officially been started.  With how busy we have been this summer, projects like this have taken a temporary back seat to training and “summer issues”, but with Fall fast approaching we’ll have some more time to make progress on it.

We are REALLY looking forward to having this available for you guys.  It will be thorough, detailed and only based on what we’ve seen to work for hundreds of clients and athletes we’ve trained since Performance360 began as a mobile company four years ago.

What we’d like from you guys and your homework — if you have anything you want to see in there or think would be helpful, PLEASE….let us know.  This is for you guys.

Quick Note on the Economy

We understand that their are other alternatives to exercise in our industry and want to recognize the efforts you guys make to train at Performance360.  We pride ourselves on having a “locals” culture and atmosphere, never corporate and always driven by members.  Your dollars will always go to improving the space and the facility whenever we can and whenever we have autonomy over the process.  As such, we have plans to continue to freshen, re-vamp and improve the space over the next twelve months in various ways that we’re confident you’ll appreciate.

Our goal has always been a simple one: provide the industry’s best training and below market cost.  With average functional fitness gym memberships exceeding $175 – $199 these days we are very proud of the value we provide and it goes without saying, are always looking for ways to make it even better for you guys.

Let’s have a kick ass week and close out August with a bang.

-Dave & Pritz