#28: Jordan Syatt – Building Relationships and Generating Clients Online

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with owner and founder of Syatt Fitness, Jordan Syatt to discuss how he was able to create a massive online training business using the internet to build relationships.


1. The detailed, amazing story behind how Jordan was able to land the job of Gary Vee’s personal coach through online content and leveraging his email list.
2. Content creation, the art of “infotainment” and how providing quality free content produces clients.
3. The difference between public content and private content, longer vs. shorter content based on platform.
4. Creating a sales funnel from generating attention to becoming a client and building trust.
5. Why content creation is so difficult and how it pays off.
6. Instagram strategy and creating a purpose of your posts.
7. The power of being truthful, authentic and positive.
8. How you can build human connections through an online space.
9. Techniques to always speak to the individual and not the group.
10. Jordan’s best advice for fitness professionals and why most people are not successful online.
11. See Jordan roast Dave’s Instagram posts.
12. Treat your posts as a conversation with someone.
13. Jordan’s “Final Four” questions.

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