#27: John Romaniello – Building a Following Through Creative Writing & a Whole Lotta Other Weird Shit

(Warning: Sexual, Explicit Language)

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with NY Times Bestselling Author and founder of Roman Fitness Systems, John Romaniello to deeply discuss creative writing techniques to make your content stand out and appeal to the right people. Warning, this is not your typical podcast conversation.


1. Johns unique background in creative writing.
2. His transition from nerdy history and magic the gathering to being a leading author in the fitness industry.
3. Why proper writing strategy can outperform proper business strategies.
4. Why getting down the the “why” (as John see’s it, “people just want to fuck”) makes your writing relatable on a deeper level.
5. Why talking about what other writers don’t want to will lead to deeper connections with your readers .
6. How to get people to read your articles against their will, because they just can’t stop.
7. The relationship of novels to writing fitness articles.
8. How to be relatable and the importance of relatability to YOUR People and why you don’t want to please everyone.
9. The art of storytelling and it’s effectiveness in fitness writing. Why The Hero’s Journey is so important to all writing industries.
10. Why the information you provide is not as important as how you present it.
11. The importance of tempo and varying word structure
12. Johns quick tips to writing
13. Why it’s important to read everything including non-fitness and non-business related books. Click here to see John’s Recommended reading list
14. John’s attempt to get real personal with Dave and Pritz and why being real and personal is what builds a loyal following.

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