‘1 for 1’ Referral Contest

we’ve been a bit slacking on promoting and tracking this contest but so far we actually off to a great start!  Our goal was for every person to refer just one member before the end of summer and if that happens, we pay for a huge weekend excursion on P360’s dime!

Right now our tally is as follows.

  • Referred: 26

  • To Go: 124


We really need and appreciate your guys continued help in making Performance360 the most ideal place for you guys.  We have a lot of upgrades in store for the upcoming year and it takes you guys bringing  friends in to make it happen.  All it takes is just one referral each so keep it coming…and THANK YOU!

Additionally, we’re happy to announce that…

50% off for You, 50% off for Them

We are extending this through July based on your guys suggestion.  If this helps make the process easier and also gives you guys something back in return then we’re all about it.

Your friend receives 50% off of their first month and you get 50% off when they start their second month.  So it’s an easy way to encourage new folks!

New Classes

It’s been four weeks since we launched the new classes and some are doing well, others not so much.  For now, here’s what we have decided.

7 am Boot Camp – This is going to be rolled into the 7 am morning class.  There was just not enough demand to make it work, but we’re letting all the folks who do 7 am boot camp just transfer right on indoors for that time slot.

9 am Daily Challenge – We are still undecided here so it’s going to remain on schedule for another week or so.

4:45 Daily Challenge – There have been enough people to continue to make this work.

SUP Surf n’ Turf

We are excited to announce the return of Stand Up Paddle Surf n’ Turf Boot Camp!  If you have never been to this before it truly is a great workout and can be scaled for people who have never been on an SUP board.  It’s about an hour long and is half on the water doing a variety of paddling exercises and half on the beach.  It’s a great time and prepare to get your hands dirty.

It will be run by Elyse and we will let you know when we get confirmation on the first Saturday.  Could be as early as next weekend!

P360 Catamaran Cruise

As a reminder, we have our Catamaran Cruise this Saturday at 9:30 and so far it looks like 50 or so people from the gym will be on board!  If you are a Facebook person, it’s easiest to read and respond to the event page.


If not, the details are simple.  Meet at The Boardwalk Bar at 8 pm and we’ll walk over as a group around 9 to get tickets and get on board.  We’ll be giving away tickets all week in a variety of ways so stay tuned on how to win ’em.  Otherwise they are just ten bucks at the door of the Catamaran 🙂