#26: Chad Wesley Smith – Building an Online Training Business

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down at Juggernaut Training Systems headquarters with owner and founder Chad Wesley Smith to discuss their organic growth as an online training business.


  1. Chad’s background and how he started Juggernaut Training Systems.
  2. Why authenticity is so important.
  3. Content creation – how to grow an online following.
  4. Why having “The Secret” usually means attention seeking and inauthenticity to readers.
  5. Progressions of content – Why reaching specific audiences with different content is critical.
  6. What type of content produces higher viewership.
  7. Why video content is a powerful tool.
  8. Why talking and reaching out to people is so important.
  9. What Chad would have done differently if he had to do it all over again.
  10. Why you don’t need a perfect strategy when starting out to be successful. Learn as you go.
  11. Why answering the question “How can we help ______” will produce success.
  12. Get to know Chad with our “Final 4” personal questions.


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