#24: January Look Ahead

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This week on Episode 24 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss some December accomplishments and what is happening in January as we start the new year and a new training cycle.


  1. December: Members of the Month and New Club Forged Inductees.
  2. What’s new for 2018 with our training and in-gym offerings.
  3. New Benchmark Workouts: PPB’s (Personal Progress Benchmarks).
  4. Main objectives with the back squats and how to approach them for this cycle.
  5. Snatches – Whether you like them or not, why you should WANT to work on snatches.
  6. How often we’ll be repeating the PPB’s?
  7. What’s with the emphasis on the pectoral recently?
  8. Why deadlifts are getting an OH Grip makeover.
  9. The Facebook Online Classroom.
  10. Advice moving into the New Year for setting goals and hitting accomplishments.

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