#23: December Training Cycle & Sandbag Implementations

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This week on Episode 23 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss some November accomplishments along with some exciting training implementations and a new December training cycle.


  1. November: Exciting accomplishments & Members of the Month
  2. New Coach Mark Highsmith hits the schedule in December.
  3. P360 Prom – Why you should go.
  4. December Programming: How will it differ from previous months?
  5. Why “varied” is the name of the game for December.
  6. Highlights from the December Prep blog and common injuries Dave has seen throughout his career in fitness as well as how this month’s training is geared to retrain any imbalances of the body.
  7. Benefits of rope pulls and key areas of focus.
  8. Sandbags, the huge benefit of using them and what to expect in December.

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