#22: October Podcast

Coaches and fitness enthusiasts, our FCC Level 1 Weekend registration is open for two more weeks. Spaces will be capped once we reach capacity. For more information, visit the official FCC page.

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This week on Episode 22 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss our October and November 8-week training cycle, the options we give you to reach your goals and how to attack the options fit into your overall goals.


  1. What is the benefit of choosing your own route with the Olympic lifts?
  2. How should someone in their first 6-months of training should attack the workout differently than someone who’s been here longer than 6-months?
  3. If strength is your goal, how should you attack this 8-week cycle?
  4. If your goal is more overall fitness, should you plan differently than someone strength focused?
  5. How should de-loading factor into a long cycle like we are in now?
  6. What are the benefits behind the strict pressing options this month?
  7. Monday benchmark options. What are the differences between the three aerobic capacity benchmarks?
  8. What can we look forward to in November programming?

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