#21: September Programming & the Importance of Tension, Stability, Bracing & Breathing

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This week on Episode 21 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss what you’ll be seeing in our September programming and how it relates to creating tension, stability, bracing and breathing to execute the movements properly.


  1. Pull-Ups as a main strength movement.
  2. Jumping and the value of using it as a main movement.
  3. Landmine work this month and how they can be used to improve overall body function.
  4. Muscle imbalances and the focus of September.
  5. Conditioning in September: your strategy for the month.
  6. Tension and what it means in training.
  7. How mobility, stability, breathing and bracing relate to tension.
  8. What movements require the most attention to tension and accessory movements to build that skill.
  9. How the creation of tension directly applies to your goals of building muscle, strength and burning fat.
  10. Common faults or movements where lack of tension create issues and compromise the stability of joints under load.
  11. How yoga improves mobility, stability and tension all at once and how it applies to strength and conditioning.
  12. September programming and the importance of being able to create and maintain tension to get the most out of this month’s workouts.

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