#20: Low Back, Mid Back & Shoulder Health

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This week on Episode 20 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss how to keep your spine, back and traps healthy along with how it applies to our August programming inside the gym.


  1. Why the upper trap is important and the main movements we do in the gym that incorporate upper trap strength.
  2. Why August programming involves mid-lower trap training.
  3. The overall goal of banded movements and how to get the most out of them.
  4. Shoulder, neck and trap pain: What the major causes of this and what you can do to avoid this.
  5. What you can do to determine if your lower back is weak.
  6. Experience tightness from sitting to standing up? Here’s why.
  7. Why hip flexors are so important and how to keep them stretched out.
  8. The correlation between core strength and lower back strength. It’s not what you may think.
  9. Difference between hyperextension in loaded vs. unloaded movements.
  10. How to know if your back is sore or in pain and creating more strength in extension.
  11. Our favorite low back strengthening and stretching exercises.
  12. Overall spine health and mobility and how it translates to success in the gym.

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