2 Huge Staff Announcements at HQ

Ashley Pritz, Director of Operations
With Mark Highsmith departing to open his own P360 in @p360__oceanside, the role of DOO was left open and immediately filled by Ashley. A member for 8 years first, Ashley started out as an Assistant Coach in 2018 after attending our first Coach Academy. From there, she was promoted to Coach and has since worked her way up to Level 3 Coach over the past 4 years. Simultaneously, she has served as new member liaison, member account manager, head of retail, and special projects manager, having had her hands on just about every aspect of operations on the back end. Her arrival at a position of official brand leadership is both obvious and overdue.

Emily Wilhoft Nutrition Coach

Emily Wilhoft, Nutrition Coach
Emily has been a P360 member for 5 years and recently joined our PSC class coaching staff. In addition, Emily is taking over as lead Nutrition Coach after participating as an assistant for our 2022 programs. Certified as a Nutrition Coach through ACE Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Precision Nutrition (in progress), Emily has worked with both P360 and private clientele since 2021, specializing in a holistic approach to nutrition that focuses on realistic behavior changes. Look for Coach Emily to head our Arrival of The Fittest nutrition portion of the upcoming 12-week program.

Huge congrats to both women as they continue to grow and develop in their careers!