#19: How to Be a Great Member of Your Gym

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This week on Episode 19 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss ways to be a good member of your gym, which in turn will result in greater progress for you as a gym goer.


1. What you are actually doing when you show up late to class.
2. How to be coachable and why that will fast track your progress in the gym.
3. Why the walkthrough is so important. Hint, it’s not just to show you what the movements are.
4. Understanding what community means and why it actually helps you to be a participant.
5. Asking questions and “bothering” coaches is an excellent trait, if you do this one thing after.
6. Why deviating away from the programming can lead to failure.
7. “Always mind your surroundings.” Why Liam Neeson’s advice to Bruce Wayne is a matter of life and death in the gym.
8. Follow the gyms processes when it comes to bringing friends and managing your membership.

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