#18: Anterior Chain vs. Posterior Chain

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This week on Episode 18 of the Performance360 Podcast we sit down to discuss the difference between the anterior chain and the posterior chain, the major muscle groups that make up these two sides of the body, how the programming plays into these two sides, and why balance is important to your success.


1. What consists of the anterior chain and posterior chain?
2. What movements target each?
3. How conditioning tiers play a role in providing balance.
4. What our are favorite row variations?
5. What are the major mobility and structural issues that challenge proper movement patterns for deadlifts, squats, and rows? Where should members focus their time?
6. Signs of a weak posterior chain.
7. Why you shouldn’t compare the back squat to your front squat.
8. Challenges in getting into front rack position, mobility issues with the hips and ankles.
9. Potential issues from having imbalances between development of the two sides.
10. What role the posterior and anterior chains have when it comes to overhead movements.

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