#17 – Mailbag #2: Answering Listener Questions – From Lactate Threshold to Cryotherapy

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This week on The Performance360 Podcast we sit down for our second mailbag episode and answer listener questions.


1. Jenn Ciofolo: “What is the best way to warm up for working sets of movements? For example, what should a warm up for 5x squats or deadlifts look like? Also, when should a belt be utilized for heavy lifts?”
2. Travis Bond: “How do you  figure out what weight to use for 50-75% work on a lift where you have not attempted a PR. And how to pick the right weight to shoot for on a first PR for a lift.”
3. Anonymous: “What’s better to do? Advanced strength or all level?” (From intermediate to advanced athlete)
4. Adam Block: “How often or at what rate should we be seeing our weights climbing after a few weeks/months of stacking up to 80-90%? If 100lbs is my 90% on day one, what time interval is normal to expect 110lbs to be my new 90%?”
5. Matt Mandel: “How lactate threshold training can improve endurance performance?”
6. Yuri Gorokhov: “What does Pritz do to remain so handsome?”
7. Shanen Cox: “What is the best way to build back up to your “normal” gym routine after a leave of absence?”
8. Juliette Orozco: “What mobility movements are best for warming up and which are best for after after workout. Is there even a difference? Or is it pretty much just based on the individual?”
9. Anonymous: “How can I get my overhead squat mobility better (for snatches)”
10. Joe Scharnweber: “Opinions on ROMWOD”
11. Joe Scharnweber: “One a days vs Two a days
12. Ward Ronan: “Two things that get talked about a lot on the podcast – “don’t cherry pick workouts” and “working toward your individual goals” where do you think the middle ground is?”
13. Jezer Balangcod: “Ideally, how much sleep should we be getting? When does it become too little sleep and how does it become detrimental to our training?”
14. Haley Rosner: “What can I do to increase my chances of potentially seeing another olympic weight lifting class placed on the schedule”
15. Mike Yebba: “Any recommendations for exercises to get faster hiking steep hills (>30% incline)? I was thinking of barbell lunges or heavy goblet squats but would love to get your opinion. Thanks!”
16. Adam Kreutter: “Thoughts on cryotherapy as a recovery method for the gym/sports. Gimmick? Why not just take an ice bath?”
17. Shannon Gearing: “Recommendations for footwear based on classes? What types are best for DC vs Shred vs Weightlifting? Is there a good one we can use for all?”
—–Here are two articles: Article from Dave / Article from Pritz / Article about “why” each style of footwear
18. Lindsey Baumel: “What is the best accessory strength work to improve overhead stability?”

Other General Class Questions:

  1. Can I just do _______ coming from phase 1 athletes who want to not do phase 1? And when I put them on phase 1 it turns out they move terribly and need it.
  2. Do my _____ look okay? Good opp to tell ppl yes but that doesn’t matter as much as How does it feel? Can look fine but may feel shitty.
  3. Why don’t you provide more water in the water reservoir? From Will Lampe, Dave’s soulmate.
  4. How do I add muscle?
  5. Dave, por favor, provide an explanation between the energy systems, anaerobic vs aerobic and how the training is different for each in programming?

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