#16 – Key Elements of Program Design

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This week on The Performance360 Podcast we talk about the key elements to program design. If you’ve ever wanted to know the backbones of how we program our workouts and why, listen to this episode.


1. The bare necessities needed in an effective workout program.
2. The 10 Key Elements.
3. Which is the most important element of the squat vs. hinge?
4. Why it is so important to differentiate between the squat and the hinge.
5. Difference between push and pull movements.
6. The ideal balance between the push/pull elements.
7. Mobility concerns for the push/pull.
8. The importance of the Carrying element of programming.
9. All about the Jump and Throw elements and their benefits.
10. Why sprinting is so important and the difference in purpose of sprinting vs. low intensity running.
11. The importance of Varied Chains and Planes.

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