#15 – Common Olympic Weightlifting Mistakes

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This week on The Performance360 Podcast we talk about the common Olympic Weightlifting mistakes we see over and over agin.


1. Common problems in the set-up before you initialize the lift.
2. Why the set-up is so important in creating proper bar path in the 1st pull.
3. Why trying to cheat science is not gonna help you.
4. Movements to help mobility in the bottom position.
5. Why Olympic lifts often take longer to develop vs. powerlifting.
6. How to fix a lack of explosive power.
7. Common problems in the 3rd pull and receiving the barbell.
8. Feet, why they are the missing piece to these lifts.
9. The transition from the Clean to the Jerk and why people often lose the lift at this critical transition.
10. Understanding energy systems in the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.
11. The importance of your toes in execution of each lift.
12. Why speed trumps strength.

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