#14 – Why Your Glutes are Important and How to Train Them

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This week on The Performance360 Podcast we talk Glutes, why they are so important in training and everyday life as well as how to properly train them for maximal benefit.


  1. Why people need to care about their glutes and pay attention to their development and function.
  2. What beginners should focus on in developing their glutes.
  3. How advanced athletes can take their glute development to the next level.
  4. How to find out if your glutes are strong or weak.
  5. Accessory movements and other movements (outside of the squat) that build glute strength.
  6. The role the glutes play in Olympic Weightlifting.
  7. How people can mobilize their hips.
  8. All about keeping the lower back healthy. Hint, it starts with the glutes.

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