#12 – Improving Your Squat with Brenna Bulach

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This week on The Performance360 Podcast we bring in Coach Brenna to discuss how to get better at squats. Brenna is an Elite ranked powerlifter, the strongest squatter in the gym and has medaled in multiple weight class and federations in competition. She recently PR’d with a 341# back squat in her recent competition for a lifetime PR.


  1. Brenna’s strength training background and when she started specializing in powerlifting.
  2. Reasonable timelines for beginners that are eventually looking to build strength in the squat and how to move from basic mechanics to increase weight.
  3. Julianne’s take on mobility limitations, what they should focus on from the beginning.
  4. Brenna’s advice on hitting a max and how to approach that goal.
  5. All about soft tissue and mobility for strength training relating to squats.
  6. Gear: Flat shoes vs. lifters? Knee supports? Belts?
  7. High bar vs low bar: Which is better?
  8. Position of the feet in your squat stance.
  9. Why bracing is so important and how to breath correctly.
  10. “Pull your hips through” as a popular cue…what it means and how to work on this important tip.
  11. Why squats are so important to increase all other movements.
  12. How Brenna’s training has changed since specializing in powerlifting.
  13. Expectations of PR’s for beginners and advance squatters.
  14. 2 most important pieces of advice for improving squat from Julianne and Brenna.

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