#11 – Training Into Your 40’s with Chris Hill

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This week on The Performance360 Podcast we sit down with our P360 old man coach Chris Hill to talk about how your training should adjust¬†as you train into your 40’s and beyond.


  1. Chris has been training for 20+ years in a variety of training programs and sports. We discuss his background and his training methods throughout the years.
  2. How training changes from your 20’s vs. 40’s
  3. How goals change as you get older
  4. Types of movements or modalities you should do more of as you get older
  5. What specific things he does less at his current age
  6. How recovery has changed over the years
  7. How do you create discomfort and challenge, but in a way that’s going to keep you healthy and productive?
  8. Challenges you face in a high energy environment when you need to scale back at times
  9. What advice would you give to people to extend their training longevity

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