Top 11 Reasons to Join P360

We prefer a culture of transparency. As such, we’d like you to be completely informed and aware of all that makes up our DNA. While it would be impossible to articulate everything about our gym in a quick article, we’ve boiled our essence down to the following.

1. You want to explore your ability.
You want to be safely pushed and gently nudged into the direction of improving your ability. You want to build lean, athletic muscle, not strip it with 45 minute cardio fests. Our mantra is #BecomeMore for a reason.

2. You’re not calorie obsessed.
You believe that proper training is about far more than just sweat, how many calories you burn, Splat Points, or whatever branded nonsense is spouted by gyms that chase gimmick over proven physiology. You want a place that designs workouts with purpose.

3. You want tangible results.
You want physical proof that your time spent in the gym has accumulated into results. With regular body composition scanning technology, nutrition guides, performance clubs, and a custom built progress tracking app, you’ll never guess.

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4. You care about program design.
You think fitness should be about more than tossing random movements on a board and being asked to move as fast as possible. You crave professional design, structured cycles, and specific outcomes that shift every six weeks to keep you constantly progressing.

5. You want to get stronger but not obsess over it.
You know you need to get stronger, and you want to. But you don’t want to spend everyday lifting as heavy of weight as possible. You want variety and purpose beyond just the expression of barbell strength.

6. You want individualization.
You want to follow a program, but you don’t want it to be cookie cutter. You want some flexibility and some options within the workouts to be tailored towards your needs and personal goals. From Navy SEALs to “never worked out”, our community truly comprises all levels. Start safely with the basics using our intro progressions, or slide over to our advanced side of the board for extra challenge.

7. You like to be educated about what you’re doing.
You don’t just want to be told what you do. You want to be taught. You want to be educated about the benefit and understand the purpose.

Top 11 Reasons to Join P360
8. You want more than just barbells.
You want to learn and use barbells regularly, but you don’t want your fitness to stop there. You want to use kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension rings, battling ropes, sleds, rowers, bikes, gymnastics, and more.

9. You covet structure.
You want to feel like you’re following a purposeful program, not a series of random workouts. You want to know what to expect, when to expect it, and how to perform it. Our six week training cycles are clearly communicated with tangible purpose and outcomes.

10. You prioritize safety.
You want to do more, but you don’t want to get hurt. You want to train with a program and staff that values safe onboarding, proper progressions, and taking care of your health and safety. Our daily workouts have progressions for every single movement. 

11. You want a gym that gives a damn.
You want to train at a gym that knows your name. That makes an effort to get to know why you’re here. You want to train with professional coaches who value their credentials, craft, and class outcomes.

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If this sounds like your cup of coffee, then we are your people. Stop spinning your wheels at places that don’t share your values, and start to #BecomeMore.

Next up, review our top reasons why you might NOT want to join.

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