Top 11 Reasons to Join P360

Does the following sound like a fitness culture you want to be a part of? If so, P360 just may be the gym for you.

1. You want to train in a place that prioritizes your safety.
We are incredibly proud of the meticulous efforts we’ve taken to create what we feel is a world class COVID-19 level of consciousness, without overdoing it and killing the group experience. Classes capped at 16-20 with organization as the priority, and enough distance to do the trick.

2. You want to get strong.
You want to be safely pushed into the direction of improving your ability. You want to build lean, athletic muscle, not strip it with 45 minute cardio fests. Our mantra is #BecomeMore for a reason.

2. You’re not calorie obsessed.
You believe that being strong and fit is about more than how many calories you burn, Splat Points, or whatever branded nonsense that chase gimmicks over proven physiology.

3. You want results.
You want a place that walks the walk. With regular body composition scanning technology, nutrition guides, performance clubs, and a custom built progress tracking app, you’ll never guess if you’re getting results.

4. You want Coaching, not cheerleading.
You want one-on-one attention, someone to correct your movements, and a professional who is there to optimize your workout. You want more than a cheerleader in a microphone headset.

5. You want to have fun.
You want results in your fitness, but you also want to be a part of a community that prioritizes fun as part of overall wellness. You want the opportunity to attend fun social events outside the gym and participate in the community in which you live.

6. You want to use barbells.
You demand more than just jumping around a room for forty five minutes. You want to learn and regularly use the bigger, super effective barbell lifts on a regular basis.

7. You want to learn.
You don’t just want to be told what you do. You want to be learn why so that you whenever you leave us, you are better for it.

8. You want options.
While group fitness is our bread and butter, we realize that classes alone are sometimes insufficient. You want access to quality nutrition coaching, private training options, and a roster of Coaches with unique specialties and skillsets.

9. You want to join a gym, not a studio.
You want to feel like you’re following a purposeful program based around weight training, not a series of random workouts hopping around like a rabbit.

10. You prioritize safety.
You want to do more, but you don’t want to get hurt. You want to train with a program and staff that values safe onboarding, proper progressions, and taking care of your health and safety. Our daily workouts have progressions for every single movement. 

11. You want a gym that gives a damn.
You want to train at a gym that knows your name. That makes an effort to get to know why you’re here. You want to train with professional coaches who value their credentials, craft, and class outcomes.

If this sounds like your cup of coffee, then we are your people. Stop spinning your wheels at places that don’t share your values, and start to #BecomeMore.

Next up, review our top reasons why you might NOT want to join.