Good morning, guys!  Hope you all had a good weekend and for those of you who have already taken on off to head back to see family, hope you have had safe travels.  This newsletter is actually coming live from Northern Virginia so my vaca has already started (sort of).

We have a few updates and announcements,

$100 Referral Contest

Right now we have a pretty tight race for the referrals and we have a few weeks to go.  Chris Cisek, Matt Gordon and a few others are right in the thick of things and all you need to do is bring your friends along with you to get points.  One point for a new visit, another five if they join.

Winner gets $100 cash which right there helps pay for presents!  (Or bar tabs)

$300 Beat the Soft Challenge

We have been thrilled with the results of the BTS Holiday Challenge thus far as every single voluntary participant has either lost weight or increased their strength significantly, and most have done both.  We have not updated the current standings but we have many men and women in the heat of the race competing for that $300.

Some stats in case you have missed it.

  • Average strength in women has increased ~41%
  • Average strength in men has increased ~19%
  • Average fat loss for women is 4 pounds.


Chrissy Perrenoud was in the lead for women’s strength last we calculated (71%) with Jess Eystad winning fat loss (10 pounds).

Chris Sieberkrob (36% strength increase) for the the men and Jon Mesic/Robbie Davis (3 pounds) for fat fat loss.

Strength up.  Fat down.  Now that is beating the holiday soft.

Maximus #1

In case you missed the announcement last week, Elyse Paulson becomes the first overall member to be inducted into the Maximus Club after she demolished a 9:47 “Ring of Fire” time.

“Hauntings of the Turkish Get-Up”, starring Elyse Paulson.  This was taken seconds after a 9:47 “Ring of Fire”.

Holiday Hours

In case you have missed our postings about holiday hours, here’s the final reminder!

We will be closed Thursday – Monday but will post some quick body weight workouts if anyone feels like getting a sweat going while they are home for the holidays.

We’ll be re-opening in full Tuesday, December 27th.

New Blog Format

As you have probably noticed we have changed the current format for the website in regards to workout postings.  They are still updated each day but will now be found in the right hand column of the home page under “In the Gym”.

The blog section will continue to be used for quick updates and entries and check it out if you’ve missed some of our first postings.

We want to make sure we keep P360 as a place where you not only learn, but can interact and have fun and we like this switch to maximize that experience.

If we don’t see you guys, then have a GREAT holiday and enjoy the time spent with your family.

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