0.4% – Let’s Hear It For The Fitness Industry

I am not going to lie, my number one emotion after I saw the county data that the fitness industry contributed just 0.4% of new cases last month, yet was still relegated back to the purple tier was frustration. Well, anger and frustration. Because that data should have been celebrated and rewarded by our leadership and instead it was punished and given an extended sentence.

So today, I just want to pat ourselves on the back. That’s right. I want to publicly acknowledge and bring some attention to the twenty four seven hustle by our entire San Diego fitness industry. Maybe 0.4% doesn’t mean a lot to you.  To me, it’s a source of very real pride. It’s the validation for all of the hard work and resources this industry has sunk into operations behind the scenes. The grind in the shadows that all gyms have endured to not just keep up with COVID, but to stay ahead of it and keep their members safe. The tens of thousands of dollars invested in preventative safety.

To achieve a case rate so low it could have been rounded down to zero is a clear product of everyone going above and beyond to serve the community and to serve their membership, work together on common best practices, and understand the true obligation that we all have right now.

Maybe this comes off as self adulating. Honestly, I don’t care. It is. If our leadership won’t acknowledge our efforts at all, then I suppose I will.

Today, I’m just very proud to be a part of this industry and the ongoing fight to provide health and wellness in a time we need it most, and perhaps people need to hear it. Well done, fitness industry. Well done.


Monday, 11.16.20


First, Every 2 Minutes:
10:1 Deadlift Ladder
(x20 Min)

6 Chin-Ups
16 Lunge Jumps
100m Run
(x10 Min)