Gym in Bay Park San Diego


It’s easy to toss a bunch of movements on the board, tell you do them as fast as possible and call that “fitness.”

At P360, we put professional design behind every six-week cycle because our intention is to go beyond just sweat. We want to make you better. Stronger. Because we know that a confident body inside the gym will yield a more successful human being outside of it.

You’ll develop real-world strength, build athletic muscle, and burn fat in a manner that supports physical achievement, not calorie totals. You’ll have coaches as your partners, not dictators. You will be pushed, yet supported. You will become a more confident version of yourself in every conceivable way.

With no contracts required, train with us for 30 days and experience what it’s like to Become More.

WHY P360?

Gym in Bay Park San Diego


6-week professionally designed cycles to create structure and provide purposeful goals. 45 minute workouts using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, plyometrics, and more to drive performance, increase strength and building functional, athletic muscle. 

Gym in Bay Park San Diego


 No “weekend cert coaches” here. Train at a gym that knows your name and how to personally scale what you need. Who perform the very workouts we coach. Train under professional coaches who value their credentials, craft, and class outcomes for every person in the room.

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Without question, San Diego’s most diverse fitness community. From Navy SEALs to “never worked out”, our community comprises all types of people. Push yourself alongside a group of people who will support what you can do, and help you work towards what you can’t. 

T E S T I M O N I A L:

“This gym is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I used to spend upwards of two hours at the gym and I didn’t get near as good of a workout as I do at P360 in half the time. The coaches are all amazing. The workouts are constantly evolving. I never feel like I’m plateauing. I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to this gym.”


Pacific Beach Gym Best gym San Diego Gym 92109 Gym 92107 Gym 92110 Ocean Beach Gym Bay Park Gym