In an industry overrun by passing trends, marketing gimmicks, and harmful 800 calorie workouts, we’ve grown from one gym out of rented boathouse to four San Diego facilities by focusing on what works: performance-based circuit training that builds you up, not tears you down.

Why P360?

Pacific Beach Gym Best gym San Diego Gym 92109 Gym 92107 Gym 92110 Ocean Beach Gym Bay Park Gym


Never a one-program-fits-all. Our 9 signature formats each have a different purpose and unique blend of strength, physique, or conditioning focus. With a different format each day and new cycles every six weeks, you’ll never be bored or plateau. 

Performance360 Pacific Beach Best Gym


Effort, not exhaustion. No hour long cardio fests here. Our workouts only contain movements and time formats proven to ensure you’re burning fat and building lean, athletic muscle. Not stripping it.

Pacific Beach Gym Best gym San Diego Gym 92109 Gym 92107 Gym 92110 Ocean Beach Gym Bay Park Gym


From Navy SEALs to “never worked out”, our fitness advances all levels. Start safely with our intro progressions in every class, or slide over to our advanced side of the board for greater demands.


We prefer a culture of transparency. As such, we’d like you to be completely informed and aware of all that makes up our DNA.

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“Absolutely in love with this gym and the amazing coaching staff.  I live in Santee and drive sometimes well over an hour round trip in order to make it to a class because I love it so much.”
Stephanie F.

“Don’t be intimated if you’ve never picked up a barbell, but don’t think you won’t get an awesome workout if you’ve been a gym rat for years.”
Laura P.

“There is a great community here and I’m always so impressed with how the coaches know EVERY NAME of members!”
Addison G.

“You are not just throwing weights around; they teach you good technique. The work outs vary every day, which keeps me motivated.” –
Christina T.

“They do such a wonderful job of pushing you to what you think are your limits, then facilitating that jump for you to go beyond that limit.”
Aaron G.

“I could go on for days about this gym and since joining I’ve gotten three others to join who feel the same way.”
Rachael O.

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Julianne Performance360 Member Results


Down 40 lbs.

Member Since 2013

Julianne Performance360 Member Results

“I’m down 40 pounds and stronger than I ever thought, but perhaps the most important thing for me has been an shift in my mental and emotional health.”


Down 27 lbs.

Member Since 2016

“After nine months of coming to the gym three times a week I lost 27 pounds. During my follow-up visit nine months into P360, my doctor was astonished.”

Performance360 Pacific Beach Ocean Beach Bay Park Gym


Down 25 lbs.

Member Since 2017

Performance360 Pacific Beach Ocean Beach Bay Park Gym
“I love that everyone is so supportive. Everyone is on their own fitness journey…and there’s always gonna be someone there cheering you on.”

Bill Byrne Performance360 Results


Down 22 lbs.

Member Since 2013

Bill Byrne Performance360 Results“I’ve never been a group workout guy, but what P360 has going on works for me. Anyone that knew me prior to joining the gym is pretty surprised at how big a fan I am. ”