Today’s workout is superset format, so you’ll be 100% following your own goal today.  It’s a good one and will really target the goal you’re after, whether it’s strength, hypertrophy or toning.

As always, we’ll coach you towards the correct weight so that it’s the perfect balance of physical challenge and able to be completed.

Total time will depend on your goal.  You’re looking at about 40 minutes for strength, 35 minutes for hypertrophy and a half hour for fat loss & toning.

In other news, we have a new P360 record!

Well done, Mr. Chernack.  Not bad for someone who probably chased that workout with five or six beers at Sneak Joint.

If you are wondering how the records work, it’s pretty simple.  We are not over the top about promoting and pushing them; if you want to attempt to break something then just pull aside before a workout. Tyler was standing around, saw it was at 22 and said, “I’m going for it”.  PERFECT!

Breaking a record earns a pat on the back, a shout out and two entries into the Monthly P360 Lotto…

…which takes me right to…

How the Monthly P360 Lotto works!

You might have seen our very proper gift bag on top of the water cooler (hey, we’re a start-up – couldn’t splurge for the fish bowl).  This is where all the Lotto entries are placed.  Here’s how you can get in on a weekly basis.

  • Win the Trivia Question (+1)
  • Win a Random Facebook Contest (+1)
  • Doing Something Sweet in Class (+1) ie. working really hard, moving up weight, having insanely flawless form
  • Set a Record (+2)
  • Refer a Member (+3)

This month’s prize is a $30 Trader Joe’s Gift Card.  It’s really just a fun way for us to give back to you guys – hope you enjoy.

Be sure to also check out our revised Dailly Challenge board when you come in.  We’re making it more educational and informative all around.


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