Happy Fridayyyyyy!  As a reminder we are having our Wounded Warrior BBQ tomorrow from 12 – 3 and then heading over to Sneak Joint.  Come as you are and bring anybody you’d like.  Here are the details once more.  We’ll grill, have some drinks, bust out some cornhole and other “games of summer” and just unwind for a bit.  We’ve had a good work of hard work in here.

Today’s workout is the same format as a few weeks ago where you rotate reps until the total number of reps per exrecise are complete.

So, you would start with 100/150 pushups (depending on your level of fitness) and you are your partner would rotate doing as many reps as you can until the 100 are complete.  After that, you would move onto box jumps.  You can come up with whatever rotation that you like.

Today’s Surf n’ Turf Boot Camp



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