Hey, everyone!  Hope you guys had a nice weekend and are ready to work away any crazy antics you got yourself into!  We’re going to be posting the Daily Challenge on the website now that we have some consistent internet in our place.

3 Rounds
60 seconds / 50 seconds/ 45 seconds

Box Jumps
Iron Cross
Quick Pulls
200m Row

As always, we’ll adjust weight and intensity of each exercise based on your specific goal.

Here’s the snapshot of what we’re doing for the week.

Monday – Mixed Circuit
Tuesday – “Pick Your Goal” (PYG) Supersets
Wednesday – “The 600”
Thursday – PYG Olympic Lifts
Friday – Outdoor Circuit
Saturday – Surf N’ Turf Challenge

We’ll also be updating the weekly trivia question and ‘Good Eats’ recipe, so be on the lookout for those when you come in.

Hey Monday…take a lap!


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