We are extremely proud of the knowledge and resources our coaches have committed to their education, and constantly learning is a part of our DNA here at Performance360.

But more importantly, all of us here started out as you. Someone sizing up this gym trying to decide if it was worth it. We became members, part of the community fabric, and saw such amazing personal transformations that we became coaches so we could help others do the same.

Every one of us is a person trying to be the best human we can be. We’ve all been through the trenches of fitness and life and have come out the other side, better for it.

We may come from all walks of life but we are united by the same WHY:

To help the common person do uncommon things.

The P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC) Program

Coaching at Performance360 is one of the toughest coaching positions to obtain, and the onboarding process is extremely thorough. Owner Dave Thomas created the Performance360 Fully Certified Coach Program that develops coaches in the following areas:

  • 2 Year Apprenticeship as a Performance360 athlete displaying elite proficiency and understanding of movement.

  • 30 Day Internship on the floor.

  • Passing of a comprehensive written, verbal and tactile exams. 

The end product is a coach that is highly trained, can relate to exactly what we ask of our members, and display knowledge across many disciplines.

P360 Coaches

Additional education includes:

  • OPEX
  • USA Olympic Weightlifting
  • Onnit Academy Specialists
  • USA Powerlifting
  • USA Sports Performance
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms)
  • Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition
  • Competition Weightlifting & Powerlifting Experience
  • International Powerlifting League (IPL)
  • StrongFirst Russian Kettlebell (RKC)
  • Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics
  • Kabuki Strength Movement Systems 
  • John Welbourn Power Athlete HQ
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • NPTI Nutritional Coaching
  • ERY-T 200 Yoga
  • Happy Back & Mobility
  • CPR and First Aid


Dave Thomas Performance360 Coach Trainer

Dave Thomas, Owner

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting Level 1, OPEX Assessment, Onnit Kettlebell Specialist, Russian Kettlebell, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, Certified PT-NSCA, Certified Nutritional Consultant, NCAA

Dave had a vision to challenge the status quo of what a gym experience should entail. That fitness was much more than competing in a workout. That it was a way to prepare for life. Dave believes a life worth living demands you show up everyday and compete tooth and nail. With scars come lessons. With lessons, eventual success. An NCAA athlete and teammate of Bryan, he is a true believer of self enlightenment through physicality and prefers action above talk. The progress of our community falls upon his shoulders, and he takes that responsibility with obsessive self expectation. Dave leads from the front line with conviction to provide success for all who enter.

Bryan Pritz Performance360

Bryan Pritz, Owner

P360 FCC, MLB, NCAA, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics

A former professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, Bryan is the Swiss Army knife of the gym, equal parts operations and athlete. Bryan is the member liaison as well as one of the best overall performers in the gym, his natural talents conquered only by unwavering commitment to the task at hand. Bryan studies human mentality and brings that leadership to our daily landscape and his own philosophy. He believes ability trumps limitation and that our physical output is solely determined by our mental input. Excuses, like fear, are not real. He is the grease in the wheel at P360 and without him, the engine stops.

Julianne Russell Yoga Instructor


Julianne Russell, Head Coach

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting Level 2, FRC Mobility Specialist, ERY-T 200, 100HR Happy Back, 7000HR Yoga Teaching, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics

Julianne is the genuine article, has medaled in multiple lifting meets, and one of only a handful of USAW Level 2 coaches in the country. A consummate teacher through and through, Julianne has experienced all of the failures and successes that come with physical transformation. There is nothing at our gym that Julianne cannot coach, no difficult experience she cannot speak to, and no person she cannot reach. Julianne is the glue that binds Performance360 and the gasoline that’s doused on the fire, daily.

Brenna Bulach

Brenna Bulach

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting Level 2, IPL Elite Raw, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, USPA, NCAA

Brenna is one of the most accomplished female powerlifters in the country, and is the true version of a coach who leads by example. The only personality traits that rival her soft spoken, kind demeanor are her physical strength and ability to commit. She is one of the few USAW Level 2 coaches in the country, is a USPA Raw Powerlifter with IPL Elite Powerlifter ranking and a 5th place finish at the IPL Worlds. Brenna has tested her mettle in the world of competition and come out a winner. An all around athlete in almost every way, Brenna lives a life of fulfilled physical potential and passes on encouragement for those that she coaches to do the exact same.

Pacific Beach Gym Viv Smith Coach

Vivianna Smith

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting, NCAA, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics

A successful, high level NCAA athlete and competitor, Viv is one of the rare breeds who shines in the dark. The harder the circumstance, the tougher the challenge, the more she goes to work and greater her success. Viv is an old school believer in the power of hard work, and that effort levels displayed in the gym build strong character and reveal the strength in all of us. Viv is passionate about helping others discover their true greatness potential. 

Kyle Paton Pacific Beach Gym Performance360

Kyle Paton

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, NCAA

A former college athlete and current medalist in the sport of powerlifting, Kyle’s soft spoken demeanor is rivaled only by his intense inner drive to be the best he can be. If something is worth pursuing, it’s worth pursuing excellence in it. This is a basic philosophy that drives Kyle’s actions inside the gym and out, and a lesson he imparts on everyone that he coaches. Kyle is humble, a relentlessly hard worker and an obsessive learner who craves constant betterment in what he knows, and how he can expose greatness in others.

Chris Hill Performance360 Pacific Beach 92109


Chris Hill

P360 FCC, Team USA, USA Weightlifting, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, Kabuki Movement Systems

Chris has nearly twenty years under iron and the proud honor of Team USA. He has racked up podium finishes in sport. He has performed anatomical atlas drawings for the human body. He has studied Biomedical Visualization. He has paddled across Channels and competed on Team USA. Chris’ background has forged him many life lessons, and his ability to turn those into training lessons and making athletes better is a skill unique to his outlook. A gentle personality does not hinder his ability to lead with absolute conviction every time he is on the floor.

Will Safford Performance360 Coach

 Will Safford

P360 FCC, CSCS, USA Weightlifting, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics, StrongFirst SFG, BJJ Brown Belt

Will’s strength lies in his well rounded background in fitness. Always continuously seeking to improve his knowledge base and expand his tools, Will’s fitness journey has taken him down many roads and through many disciplines. A natural athlete and traditional practitioner of Russian kettlebells, Will brings many skill sets to his coaching. As a competitive Jiu Jitsu athlete, Will has a deep appreciation for the human body and what it takes to both develop and respect its health. His large bundle of knowledge gives him a unique perspective in his coaching, one that results in his students always learning something new.

Pacific Beach Gym Dustin Teves Performance360 Coach

Dusty Teves

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting, Power Athlete, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics

One of our stronger male athletes, you would never know it by walking into the gym on your first day. Dusty’s friendly, approachable demeanor makes him a sought after coach for our new athletes. Behind the relatable personality is an incredibly strong athlete constantly learning and pushing to improve. Proficiency in all of the major barbell lifts makes him a sought after coach for our advanced athletes, making Dusty a well rounded coach from which any athlete can improve.

Lenny Weiner

 Lenny Weiner

P360 FCC, CSCS, USA Weightlifting, Precision Nutrition

Lenny is our nutrition coach. His strong belief in the benefits of nutrition come from the physical, mental and emotional progress that occur when one makes healthy eating a priority in their lives.  A student of premier sports nutritionist Dr. John Berardi and three time National Champion IFBB Pro Jeff Willet, Lenny brings a philosophy that nutrition coaching should not be dogmatic or cookie cutter, but rather an individualized plan based on each person’s needs and goals. Lenny’s passion for fitness is contagious and he brings a high level of energy and commitment to all of his students.

Performance360 Matt Eubank


Matt Eubank

P360 FCC, USA Weightlifting, Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics

Matt has climbed the mountain. He came to our gym three years ago as a beginner. Step by step, his natural athleticism has been able to reach new peaks, and at every turn, a new tool for his belt. Quietly one of the best overall athletes at the gym, Matt spent years taking notes before giving them, and that perspective has allowed him to grasp control of his role seamlessly and with great understanding of what new athletes endure. Able to relate wisdom without intimidation, Matt’s style makes him a highly sought after member of the team.

Fix Body Group

We get you back to doing what you love. Our specialized team includes chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and rehab.  Our comprehensive, integrated approach is what makes us San Diego’s premier fitness and rehabilitation facility. FIX Body Group is the exclusive choice of Performance360 coaches to implement preventative measures, fix injuries and increase performance.  If you have something holding you back or you are not performing at the level you desire, let us help.