1201, 2017

#25: Jessica Estrada – Inside the Gym

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#25: Jessica Estrada – Inside the Gym

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with Jessica Estrada, two-time CrossFit Games Athlete and owner of CrossFit Jääkarhu in Austin, TX to discuss their exploding growth and business operations.


Jessica’s background and how she got started as a CrossFit athlete and gym owner.
When and how she […]

1101, 2017

How to Get Better at Push-Ups

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by Dave Thomas
Owner/Coach, Performance360

Are you interested in how to get better at push-ups? Are you looking for an alternative to the kneeling push-up? Have you wondered what the best way to do your first full push-up is?

Our “How to Get Better at Push-Ups” series is instructed by Performance360 owner and […]

1001, 2017

#10 – How to Do More Pull-Ups

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P360 Podcast Episode #10 – How to Do More Pull-Ups
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This […]

901, 2017

#24: Creating a Website that Converts New Members

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#24: Creating a Website that Converts New Members
The goal of your website should be very straightforward. You want to utilize it as a tool that get’s new members. Most websites in the gym/fitness industry confuse the potential new member to a point where they have decision paralysis and end up not coming in to check out […]

801, 2017

This Week's Training: 1/9 – 1/15

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801, 2017

Common Mistakes in the Russian Kettlebell Swing

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By Dave Thomas

What are some common mistakes in the Russian Kettlebell Swing? How do you perform a kettlebell swing? Coach Dave takes us through four main mistakes to look out for, and how to eliminate them to enjoy productive, powerful swinging.

T-Rex Position

Over Reaching

Squatty Swing

Leaning Back



701, 2017

December Members of the Month

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Compiled by Julianne Russell

We’re back with another edition of Performance360 Members of the Month.

As always, the member of the month award is decided by our coaches getting together and nominating who stood out to us each in the areas of attitude, effort and performance. We take pride in our votes and […]

601, 2017

Split Jerk Common Mistakes

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By Julianne Russell, Head Coach
USAW Level 2

Coach Julianne takes us through a quick overview of the split jerk, including three main parts of the lift.

Rack Positioning
The Dip & Drive
The Lockout & Recovery

Set-up cues and common mistakes. Enjoy.

301, 2017

Under the Barbell, Ep. 2 – Chris Hill

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“Under the Barbell” is an intra-workout community feature where we interview members across different membership lengths, ability levels and personalities.

On this episode, we talk to Coach Chris, a P360 OG of five years and over two decades in the game of fitness. We interrupt his squat sets to […]

201, 2017

#9 – Mailbag: Booze, Max Percentages, De-Loading, Intensity & More

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Episode 9 – Mailbag: Booze, Max Percentages, De-Loading, Intensity & More
This week on the Performance360 Podcast, Coach Dave, Coach Pritz, Coach Lenny & Coach Julianne all sit down to answer questions submitted by the P360 Podcast listener community. A broad range of topics from training to nutrition.
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From Shanen Cox: “How […]