2305, 2017

What Are the Benefits of Tempo Training?

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Written by Dave Thomas
Owner, Performance360

If you are a faithful member of our gym, you have no doubt seen a lot of “3131” on the board this month for movements like the back squat, goblet squat, pull-up, and Bulgarian split squat. If you don’t go to our gym, you might be at a place that programs […]

1905, 2017

Can I Still Lift Weights While Pregnant? A Guest Post from Molly of BIRTHFIT

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Written by Lauren Faison, Deana Cimalore, and Molly Powell of BIRTHFIT

This article does not constitute professional medical advice. We are not medical professionals of any kind. Always seek out the advice of your doctor for advice on how to handle your pregnancy, […]

605, 2017

P360 Academy: Overhead Positioning

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Overhead Positioning Clinic with Coach Julianne
When: Sunday, May 14th, 10a – 11:30a
Where: Performance360 Crown Point
Cost: Free for Members, $30 Drop-In for Outside Coaches and Athletes
How to Register: To pre-register, email Dave@Perform-360.com as spaces are highly limited (last P360 Academy sold out)

The overhead position is critical for all successful athletes to develop, and one of the most difficult […]

505, 2017

April Members of the Month

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A very big congratulations to our April members of the month. Get to know them below and hear their accomplishments.
James Cross 
James has been showing some major grit lately in all his gym endeavors. He’s always been a member to watch on challenges like “King of the Hill” or the mile, but recently we’ve seen James […]

2504, 2017

How to Tell if Your Burpees Suck

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Written by Dave Thomas

The burpee is a movement that gets a bad rep because we assume it has to be done poorly. Thanks to too much beginner exposure to fitness for sport, we are used to this image of the fatigued athlete flopping down and having high school intercourse with the […]

2404, 2017

Why Your Body is Like Building a Car

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Why Your Body is Like Building a Car
Written by Dave Thomas

Tempo paused half-kneeling split stance Bulgarian squat press holds with chains, for five reps.

Here’s an insider tip. No matter the length of movement name or fancy words like “contra-lateral” we as a fitness industry might throw onto something to make it seem super cool, the reality […]

2104, 2017

This Sunday: Kettlebell Swing Clinic with Coach Dave

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P360 Academy: Kettlebell Swing Clinic 
Sunday, April 30th at 9 am at PB with Coach Dave. This Academy is for athletes of all levels and will be scaled according to strength and experience level. Spaces will be limited.
Come on down this Sunday, April 30th and join Coach Dave for a fun and interactive clinic where you’ll […]

1704, 2017

All About Our 3 Stages of Development

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Written by Dave Thomas

Hitting a PR is one of the most satisfying feelings in the gym as it’s representative of hard work, time, and effort, but when do personal records actually make sense from a functionality perspective, and when are they physically detrimental? Why does attempting them carry with it […]

604, 2017

March Members of the Month

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Jezer Balangcod
Jezer has been an eager, and committed member since walking in our doors back in August. From the beginning we could tell Jezer was strong, but he’s also done a fantastic job of dialing in nutrition, building his motor, and finding some major body composition changes. He is a staple […]

603, 2017

February Members of the Month

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Nik Kafkas
ik has been a high performing member for over 2 years now, and in this past month we saw some very big accomplishments and goals achieved in the gym. With diligent work and focus on technique and pushing himself in strength, Nik just hit a long time coming 405# Deadlift. […]